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"If I knew then what I know now..."

I've wanted to be involved with education since an early age.  Sharing, guiding, and nurturing may have have not been my strengths, but learning how to live them as central to my self has always been my goal.  After receiving my Bachelor of Music in Education from Michigan State University's School of Music, I went on to hone my craft before arriving in faculty positions at the collegiate level.

Whether working with large groups or in private study, the rush I get when students receive their "aha!-moment", never gets old.  It's the best part of teaching.

"The first

was the voice."


Omari working with a student in Voice Class at Cosumnes River College where he is

Professor of Vocal Music — Photo by Manny Chavez


Directing young voices on stage is exciting. The energy and bravery of each student is awe-inspiring.


My choir students at Cosumnes River College are incredible.  They're energy and light makes every day worth while.

Chamber Singers Fun Photo.jpg
Vocal Study

Working one on one allows for more in depth study, and it's a joy to go into such detail and great focus with each student.

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